Company "FITORJA" was founded in 1990, established by Mr. Tahir Maloku which is a legitimate owner of the company even today. Mr. Maloku founded with his own capital and even today he is the only owner with 100% shares.

The company accounts for 130 employees of different profiles, and aims to increase this number continuously.


“FITORJA” Company promotes experts suggestion as well as ideal solutions in the construction field, ranging from: design, detailed calculations, supply and execution of projects.


FITORJA intends to be well recognized as:
Experts in the field of low and high construction.
Advanced technological systems, committed for practical customer oriented solutions.

Be selected as dedicated and sincere partner for the costumer including:

  • Correct and sincere services, increasing the value of costumer's projects.
  • Being always devoted in order to gain the client's trust, accepting the responsibility for our actions, and;
  • Providing services based on the realistic needs.

Our Objective

Always maintaining the sincere approach toward the costumer.

  • Ensuring a challenging and a team work environment for our employees
  • Providing a warm home for our motivated staff members with a possibilities of promotions always keeping in mind the better of their costumer
  • Saving a favorable environment for innovative thinking and problem resolution
  • Keeping a favorable environment for innovative thinking and problems' solving;
  • Advancing in achieving perfection towards the highest peaks of success
  • Cultivating a unified culture within the company

The Business Philosophy


  • FITORJA Company believes that will be successful only at the time when the costumer is satisfied by our quality services.


  • The company's success is actually the staff's merit, who is very dedicated professionally and always contributes successfully to the company, favoritizing the client.


  • Our main goal is to provide our clients best innovative technology and working methods for better of our client's business.


  • FITORJA company encourages the cooperation and communication with host country and international companies, and works with local and international partners for the better of our client.


  • FITORJA Company foresees its growth always based on costumers requirements and needs.

President of the company

“FITORJA” company is built with a lot of work and love, quality and sincerity; therefore it will be preserved with jealousy by me and my descendants.